13 March 2023 | A Eunuch for All Seasons

A Eunuch for All Seasons

Out of all the despicable people from the administration of Biden's predecessor, I have to say that former Vice President Mike Pence is the one who offends me the most. That takes some real work, yet he keeps topping the list.

I cannot adequately express the absolute revulsion and disgust that Mike Pence invokes in me. In every fiber of my being as man, Pence offends me to a degree that no one else does. He is not a man at all: he is a simpering coward who redefines that lowly state with every utterance of his. He refuses to defend himself; he cannot simply reject the evidence of his own eyes that he was the target of the mob filth that attacked the Capitol. He cannot stand up and protect his honor at being called a “pussy” by his own boss. He is a supine punk that should fill any man with abhorrence. Eunuchs and castrati have more balls than he could ever hope for. It will be a pleasure watching his presidential ambitions crash and burn.