30 January 2022 | They Catch the Cold

They Catch the Cold

It’s true: when America sneezes, Canadians always catch the cold.

Unlike lots of Americans, I don’t have a particularly sanguine view of our neighbor to the north. It’s not a bastion of politeness, liberalism, or where rational thought processes among the populace far exceed that of ours here in the United States. Canada is, as Homer Simpson said, “America Junior.”

The so-called “freedom convoy” (a media term) is a great example of how American denialism and recklessness about COVID, vaccines, and vaccine mandates has taken root in Canada. Canadians are about as free as we are, but are apparently unable to resist the siren song of “freedom denied”, and it seems more and more of them are getting sucked into conspiracy garbage (they’re not “theories”) and anti-government stupidity that has infected a massive swath of the American population. The presence of Nazi and Confederate flags just shows you that it’s really not about some lost freedom but an adoption of American-style racism that dovetails nicely with the Canadian version.

And maybe that explains why when one in five of Canadian truckers are of Asian origin, no one has asked of any them to participate. And so far, no one has identified exactly *who* has organized all of this. I gotta wonder if Canadian media is as sloppy as American media is.

But while this irks me to no end, I have to ask a more pressing question: are the truckers wearing seatbelts as they have made their way to Ottawa? If so, why? Is it a requirement while driving to do so on Canadian roads? Well, shouldn’t they have the liberty to *never* wear a seat belt? Take them off! In fact, cut the straps! How can any of them be for their personal safety while wearing a seat belt, but then turn around and say that a vaccine is *not* about health or safety but evil government control? Being forced to wear a seat belt—a thing mandated by local, province and federal rules—well, that’s straight out of Nazi Germany!

Maybe that’s why those flags are present. Or, maybe not.