17 January 2022 | The Bad Faith of White Politicians

The Bad Faith of White Politicians

When he was assassinated, Martin Luther King was the most hated man in America., not least among the nation’s (white) political leaders. But decades after his death, there is no shortage of said politicians whose interns Google some quote of his to show their respect to the slain civil rights leader.

What bullshit.

This year, 2022, will be the most cynical and meaningless Martin Luther King Jr. Day on record. There is a full-on jihad against voting rights all across the country, spearheaded by, yes, Republicans, who have taken pronouncements of a rigged election by their crooked party leader as a fatwa, and have zealously written and passed various laws to take away your right to vote. Kinda interesting though, when a law about gun control is proposed, Republicans can’t whine loud enough that “we have enough laws about this! We need to enforce the existing ones!” that meets silence when it comes to adding restrictions on top of restrictions for voting. Wonder why that is.

On that subject, this MLK Day is made even more meaningless when white senators refuse to push through updated laws on voting and voter suppression since a corrupted Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act back in 2013. *Every* Republican is against this, so it comes down to two Democrats, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, who are opposed to altering the non-constitutional filibuster to pass this legislation. And I have no doubt that both of them will put out bland and useless statements about Dr. King today, dripping with irony and covered in bad faith.

Who knows, maybe interns for those two intransigent senators could forward “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” to their bosses. But it’s six pages, single-spaced, so I doubt any of them will find time to read it or give a damn.