Open Defiance  (16 October 2019)
It’s not just Rudy Giuliani who is defying a Congressional subpoena, but also Mike Pence and the Department of Defense. Seems like people with nothing to hide are all telling a co-equal branch of the federal government that they won’t comply because well, they just don’t have to.

O, to be a white man in this country! You can flaunt your lawbreaking in public, defy Congressional subpoenas and be home in time for dinner.

People of color? Beat up, locked up, or shot up before the end of your first boast.

White man’s power games are a thing to behold.

Pointless  (15 October 2019)
I’m certainly glad to see that we’re all still whistling past the graveyard with this latest Democratic debate with the still too large field, stupid format and utter pointlessness of thinking that any functional president can answer questions in 75 seconds.

And are we still going to pretend that there should be any debate at all between the Democratic nominee and the incumbent criminal? That we we should treat this all as normal and keep sticking to norms? Another pointless gesture.

Who We are Dealing With  (02 October 2019)
It might be best to disabuse oneself of this fantasy that Republicans are going to come to their senses about their lawless, incompetent party leader. There has been ZERO indication that the upper echelon of the current Third Reich cosplay GOP is going to abandon the unfit bufoon, step in, invoke the 25th Amendment, come to their senses, whatever. This is like praying the end-stage syphilis away.

There is no (non-violent) Valkyrie Plot amongst that group. Like Rommel (a dashingly good Nazi to the end), anyone resisting is offered the chance to suicide themselves. The rest are locked in to the inevitable march to the bunker, along with their cyanide pills.

That is who we are dealing with.

Talking about Climate Change  (16 September 2019)
Why is this so difficult to figure out? Here is how you convince climate change deniers in Congress to work on climate change: countries with Those People are the first to get hit with climate change, and where you do think they want to go? The US. So if you want to keep Those People in Those Countries, you work with Those Countries' governments on climate change so that Those People don't flee and come here to continue stealing your jobs and bedding your sex-starved wives .

It's win-win: you don't have to say it's about immigration because you can say it's about climate change. And when your redneck supporters start squirming, you assure them, “It's about stopping Those People from coming here.”


Count the Military Out  (15 September 2019)
While this has fallen out the news cycle, I am glad that I never fell for the “James Mattis is our savior!” BS that greeted his installation as Secretary of Defense in 2017. So I can't be disappointed to learn that he is just another technocrat addicted to establishment politesse by declining to say anything of value about the lawless administration he worked for. This weird addiction to norms and protocols (think Robert Mueller) has proven to be a rather bad strategy when it comes to dealing with such an incompetent and unfit so-called president as to be completely ineffectual and useless.

So you can now scratch off military leaders from the list of “adults in the room” who were doing everything to protect our republic and democracy from the racist buffoon in the White House. But at least you can now buy Mattis’ book.

Still Not Clear?  (14 September 2019)
You know why the uninsured rate has gone up? Republicans. You know who won’t go out and advertise that fact? Democrats.

You know who’s been sabotaging your health care? Republicans. You know who won’t go out and advertise that fact? Democrats.

See the pattern here?

If only Democrats could list facts.

Polls Mean Nothing  (12 September 2019)
The GOP doesn't care about polls. Not one iota. If they did, they would not have moved on wrecking health care, or would have start passing some bills in the Senate about assault weapons. But they don't.

So any new polls showing the public's wide support on any given topic has zero effect and no meaning at all. The Republican Party is impervious to poll numbers they don't like because they are not afraid of voters. If the most voters will do is respond negatively to a poll, that's good enough for them. They're afraid of large groups of people who won't go home; they are not afraid of disembodied poll numbers.

If Democrats Had Any Media Savvy...  (11 September 2019)
>The decision to carry out the extraction occurred soon after a May 2017 meeting in the Oval Office in which [Imbecile-1] discussed highly classified intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and then-Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak. The intelligence, concerning ISIS in Syria, had been provided by Israel. The disclosure to the Russians by the President, though not about the Russian spy specifically, prompted intelligence officials to renew earlier discussions about the potential risk of exposure, according to the source directly involved in the matter. Source

So, this is GOP governance. This is the Republican idea of national security and foreign policy. But you know what’s worse? That there are no Democrats screaming about this or at least, producing some white noise ads about it.

Political stupidity.

The Problem with Justin  (10 September 2019)
>The Republican Party is not a conservative party, and it’s not going to be one anytime soon. Conservatives are providing critical votes to a party that actively opposes limited government and free markets. Walk away, start something new, and regain your voice. (@justinamash)

Little issue with that, Justin: your (alleged) former party made the biggest government expansion with the creation of Homeland Security. And your (alleged) former party is responsible for a now-$16 billion welfare program for farmers because the head of the GOP doesn’t understand free markets with his stupid, pointless trade war that has weakened the US and that your (alleged) former party wholly supports.

None of that is on Democrats. It’s all GOP. It’s all “conservatism”.

Avoiding Evil  (31 August 2019)
Strange that pundits continue to describe the policies of this evil administration with the phrase “the cruelty is the point.” Folks, we are well past cruelty. This lawless, racist government is pursuing policies that are rooted in evil. Plain and simple.

Insisting that you should deport sick children, for example, is not a policy about cruel intentions. It is about evil. And the polite, fey use of the word “cruelty” is like insisting the 1930s Nuremberg laws were about “promoting unfairness” rather than calling them for what they were: racism and antisemitism.
Get it together, idiots.