A Note about Tech Culture  (14 December 2018)
The irony of this blog post is that tech guys belong to a culture that gives in to very anti-democratic impulses and selective standards (called “situational morality” back in the day). They sneer at politicians who “don’t get it” yet won’t participate in any meaningful way to elect those who do. And when having a great a deal of power in terms of how information is distributed, tech culture has completely failed in any social obligations, preferring to pawn that off on aforementioned politicos who “don’t get it.”

Tech culture is successful at theft, damage and insult. It can’t offer any solutions because it can’t be *bothered* to do so.

False Hope and False Belief  (29 November 2018)
This article is ironic for a number of reasons, namely the peddling of false hope and belief, except it’s on the part of scientists. These are people who often lecture everyone else about the absurdity and illogic of false hope and belief, yet you can find those two in great abundance throughout the article that flies in the face of the obvious reality: science in the United Kingdom is *not* going to remain the same after Brexit. It’s all going to change and despite the somber “we will survive” quote, there is having your cake and eating it, too, and this ain’t it.

Confederate Trifecta  (28 November 2018)
It was an easy prediction to make a week ago and it’s no surprise to see it get fulfilled today: Mississippi capped off a trifecta for the (former) Confederacy by electing Cindy Hyde-Smith. She now joins Florida governor-elect Ron DeSantis and Georgia governor-elect Brian Kemp as a triumvirate of Old Southern racism, voter suppression and feral supporters of an incompetent, unfit, unqualified, illegitimate lying tax cheater who is their party leader.

While she won’t keep that seat past 2020, Hyde-Smith should enjoy her two years wrecking as much as her party dictates. Heckuva job, Mississippi!

To Supreme Court Justice John Roberts  (23 November 2018)
So Johnny Roberts says “there are no Obama judges and no “Tr*mp judges”? Okay, but there *is* ”Stolen Seat Judge“ and ”Blackout Drunk Assault Frat Judge.“ Coupled with your jihad against voting rights, your court might just be more than a mere footnote.

Any and *all* judges who happily accepted a nomination from the illegitimate, feral racist wretch in the White House deserves to be labeled a “Tr*mp judge” for the rest of his career and throughout the known universe.

More from Senator Sadsack  (09 November 2018)
A bill to protect Mueller already got out of committee in the Senate. It’s unlikely to go anywhere because the most cuckolded, pathetic excuse of a man, Jeff Flake, refuses to caucus with Dems and truly force a bill vote that will be guaranteed passage.

How many times does Delaware senator Chris Coons want to be Flake’s Bond girl? His acquiesence in what he certainly knows is just a stunt is quite irritating.

“None of the Candidates”  (04 November 2018)
A prediction of at least 6 percent voting for none of the candidates means that plenty of people in Nevada refuse to see the forest through the trees and have no concept of the social contract, much less the social good in general.

You’re always going to have third party votes: that’s not the issue. But as dad always said, there’s a time and place for everything and if you can’t figure those times out or, worse, refuse to acknowledge that they exist, your opinion ain’t worth much.

Is Anyone Out There?  (02 November 2018)
I am beginning to think that America really doesn’t have any tech guys worth a damn. Oh sure, they make all sorts of 4K unboxing videos of a new iPhone and iPad, but those with mad skillz who go after Russian sonsofbitches and their GOP proxies as some kind of patriotic duty? Non-existent.

Which means we’re left with functionaries who have no clue how anything electronic works but are in charge of it because why not have the office secretary manage it as well? I mean, that person also does the website and is pretty good at setting up a listserv. Overqualified!

Source: File-Sharing Software On State Election Servers Could Expose Them To Intruders

This Would Explain Things  (29 October 2018)
I get the vague sense of a “I know I’m going down, so I’m taking you all with me” desperation vibe coming from both the White House and GOP leadership.

That would explain the increasing hysteria and wild thrashing.

As You Weren’t Paying Attention  (25 October 2018)
Has it dawned on anyone that there was a nationwide terrorist attack just the other day? Bin Laden would be impressed.

Now, for those of us who bothered reading Richard J. Evans’ books about the Third Reich, the Nazi template is unfolding: businesses fall, law enforcement is compromised, government agencies via their functionaries start obeying and then, organized political violence.

*This* was your Reichstag fire moment. Inept as it turned out to be, it’s nothing less than that. Yet Americans prefer to simply limit that to Robert Mueller’s firing for some inexplicable reason. Perhaps new iPads being announced next week is more important.

What They Run On  (21 October 2018)
>@AP_Politics: Mike Espy has a balancing act as he runs for U.S. Senate in Mississippi:

Democrats have been running on a “for everybody” platform, especially because of healthcare.

Republicans run on a single platform: f*ck the liberals, f*ck black people, f*ck Latinos who are all wetbacks.

Yet it's Democrats who have to run a “balancing act.”