17 July 2021 | Why Should They Be Afraid?

What, us worry?
What, us worry?

God, what farce. This is purely judicial farce.

Lawyers are supposed to be held to a higher standard for their behavior in court, right? So, why is that if any of us here were to mouth off a judge during a Zoom call or violate a court order (especially while Black or Hispanic), we will immediately be held in contempt, have bail revoked and have a judge blustering righteously at us from the bench? But the higher-standard lawyers? Oh, no, they're given oodles and oodles of time well after the fact to "explain" themselves.

Americans have been raised on a diet of (bullshit) procedural shows like "Law and Order" to the point where we actually believe that a misbehaving lawyer is fined and held in contempt on the spot because We Are a Nation of Laws Not Men, but the reality is, the judicial system is like any other business: it extends copious amounts of protection to its actors, not participants. This "higher standard" nonsense is just window dressing for the rest of us and ego-stroking for the actors.

So why should Lin Wood or that execrable sow Sidney Powell really be afraid of anything? From their performance earlier this month, they have nothing to be afraid of and they know it. They're not going to get sanctioned out of their profession, they certainly aren't getting disbarred, and it will be business as usual. We don't mind being dead wrong about any of this, but really, it will be a long time for that to shake out as to be fairly pointless. If a lawyer gets sanctioned, is there not an appeals process? Of course there likely is, because again, the system is made to protect its actors, not regular people like us.

Like we said: judicial farce.