20 July 2020 | Expect Denial

Don’t bother me.
Don’t bother me.

We know that we often invoke the Nazis to describe lots of what we are experiencing. Not because this is 1930s Germany (it is, emphatically, not) but because the contours are all there, almost with checkbox convenience. Even the acquiescence of at least 40 percent of the public for what they know is wrong follows that. No one wants to admit they were lied to, and for so long. No one wants to quietly mutter, “I was wrong.” So they go further with it and remain defiant in their willful stupidity.

After the collapse of the Third Reich, so much of the defeated German population went on to say they had no idea what was going on. They didn’t really know the depth of what the regime was up to, or the scope of the crimes. And they rejected it when the worse things came out. “Best to forget,” became the mantra. Hell, as we’ve said before, the West German government lobbied to end the Allied de-Nazification program in the 50s and it went into a black hole.

That’s exactly what will occur here in 2020 America. You will have your unrepentant assholes, for sure, but there will be no true accounting and quick forgetting. And likely, people will be angered at any questions. After all, has anyone who willingly believed the bullshit about Hillary’s emails ever fessed up in a bigly way about being wrong and sorry?

Nope. And those people never will.