29 August 2018 | A Lack of Cohesion

Bad deal or realpolitik, it's endlessly amusing that Democrats (who definitely regard themselves as smarter than their right-wing enemies) cannot seem to vote in enough numbers to save their own lives. Yet they're quick to condemn other Dems with a special venom not even GOPers get.

But wait, there's more: powerless or not, if you are all so outraged, why are you not out in massive numbers to make your displeasure known? (And I don't mean to Schumer.) Reason is, you don't have time and don't want to. You expect your elected reps to do everything without a strong reminder of who (ostensibly) is really in charge. Politicians do not like large groups of people that won't go home, and your unwillingness to send the clearest of signals wouldn't make me afraid of any of you either. Your epic Facebook rants or oh-so-clever subtweets (that I will never see, by the way) have become substitutes for getting your hands dirty. You prefer what's clean and simple. If the civil rights generation was this soft and addicted to luxury, Rosa Parks' great grandchildren would still be asked to make way for the white guy on the bus.

Democrats like to brag they are the true Big Tent party. But you lack cohesion, you lack the willpower, and you lack the guts to get off your fat asses and make a statement. (God knows you'll never stage an economic boycott of some kind, another trait you lack from the civil rights era.) There is a deep, slow-acting poison spreading out from the unfit, unqualified and illegitimate squatter in the Oval Office, abetted by his party that's got more criminals than a Nuremberg trial, but you folks are too busy bitching about Schumer or Pelosi. Please proceed, pendejos.

Otherwise, we're fairly indifferent to the current political situation.