20 July 2020 | Are You Being Ironic?


It's so hard to tell these days if journalists are being serious or sarcastic. Given their generally bad performance over the past four years, I’ll have to go with “serious” for this tweet.

Our Media Glitterati knows full well that they do not need to participate in what they have long known to be mini campaign rallies. But they keep dutifully showing up, trying to look like Serious Professional People and not give any indication they are willing partners in these farcical performances. It helps to feed into their careful marketing about the nation needing a free press, that they just are after The Truth, and how they are invaluable to democracy, blah, blah, blah. So while they are successfully baited by this incompetent, soi-disant president, they happily go along with it. They will all show up, every time.

Remember: the Les Moonves Principle guides all of them.