10 January 2019 | Leaping into Both Siderism

It has already begun.

There was NBC superstar Savannah Guthrie asking Nancy Pelosi whether or not *she* was partly responsible for the government shutdown initiated by Individual-1 in December...several weeks before Democrats formally took control of the House of Representatives.

There was NPR superstar Mara Liasson who duly informed us on Tuesday night (after Imbecile-1 made a 2020 election advert billed as an Oval Office speech) that "both sides have dug in."

And of course, we have feckless Neil Cavuto who wants to insist that both sides need to "grow up."

As easy prediction, to be sure, that our Media Glitterati would start helping this incompetent administration and the GOP's unfit party leader by framing that "both sides" are to blame for the government shutdown. But of course, it's still dispiriting to see them latch onto that talking point so quickly, and abandon the fact that Imbecile-1 shut down the government because two other imbeciles criticized him that the budget bill passed 100-0 in the Senate didn't have any money for the bigot border wall. (That actually turns out not to have been an actual wall but as a memory device for Imbecile-1 to talk about immigration.)

The incompetent GOP party leader hasn't even spent the money allocated for the border in the previous Congress: another salient fact the MediaWhores have not bothered to tell their audiences. Instead, they are leaping straight into both siderism because, well, that's what our media elite does.

Way to go, media fucks. Way to go.