29 April 2018 | A Useless Dinner

I still am perplexed why a White House Correspondents Dinner even exists, because there is nothing more self-absorbing and out of touch than the Washington press corps rewarding itself for a job so poorly done.

It’s also...interesting to see media figures try to adopt a moralizing tone about the standup gig by Michelle Wolf who apparently told some unpleasant truths but is now being urged to apologize for, among other things, mocking Sarah Sanders , a woman who lies on a daily basis and treats the press as contemptuously as her boss. And that brings me to this salient point: the Washington press have been dutiful slaves showing up to pressers where they are treated like idiots and lied to repeatedly. Remember: this is same group of people who when told no cameras would be allowed, did not object and leave en masse. Instead, they obeyed. Absolutely pathetic.

This dinner is pretty much a limp-wristed attempt to “get back” at their tormentors but it only lasts an evening. Come next week, they will file in like good little technocrats and accept every calumny from one of the worst press secretaries in US history. And they will repeat the press secretary’s lies and dissect them endlessly instead of calling them out as lies and informing their viewers/readers about the nature of these lies. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Way to go, pendejos. Way to go.