14 April 2018 | Another Mission Accomplished!

If there's anything the Media Whores love, it's a fireworks display, and despite last year's useless bombing with a mega missile, they finally got the chance for wall-to-wall coverage of the US strike on Syria with the same reverence they did "Shock and Awe," which heralded the beginning of our Iraqi Expedition.

Now, remember that the US has been in a state of war since 2001: seventeen long years, two conflicts, and an easily bored public that moved on about a decade ago. But since the Tr*mp "presidency" is really just an entertainment spectacle, the threat/promise of military action has been their dream. (Don't fall for the phony gravitas about "sending men and women off to war" they tend to affect.) I mean, really, doesn't it just spice up the endless narrative of the Mueller investigation and the umpteenth "boom!" or "wow...if true!" statements?

A few outlets have cast a pall over this hyped up bombing by questioning the motives of the unfit, unqualified, incompetent racist birther in the Oval Office, but overall, if this were Sweeps Week, it's just the jolt they were all hoping for. Again, since this "presidency" is treated like a reality show, despite the media's pretend disdain for such), because in the words of CBS executive chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, "it may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS."

Believe me, all the media outlets feel this way.