02 April 2023 | The Whores Have Remained the Same

Lesley Stahl, watching her credibility deflate
Lesley Stahl, watching her credibility deflate

Let me explain to everyone very carefully why such a hallowed program like “60 Minutes” would happily do an interview with the incredibly ignorant and bigoted Marjorie Taylor Greene and give her a platform by doing a soft sell on her brand of garbage.

It’s called the “Les Moonves Rule.”

Les Moonves is the legendary (and former) network executive of CBS, who responded in this way to the 2016 presidential campaign of Biden’s predecessor: “It might not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

That’s *all* you need to know.

No matter what news outlet we’re talking about, our Media Glitterati have followed this rule to the letter in the past seven years. It’s one of those “saying the quiet part out loud” admissions: news organizations are chasing down advertising dollars above all else. Is it wrong to try to make money? No, because one must pay the bills somehow. But the Media Whores try to conceal this driving motivation with bold statements about the role of a free press in a democracy. Well, when you have an exec like the legendary Les Moonves admitting that the advertising bottom line is better for his organization than anything else, it massively undercuts all of those pledges to journalistic integrity.

In other words, there is far more money to be made in both-siderism and showcasing repugnant people by making them look reasonable, as if they have a journalistic duty to so. This is why the MWs have let themselves get baited into repeating, augmenting and following the lead of Biden’s predecessor because they want to be exploited, because that assures them of those ad bucks. And then they like to wonder why the country seems so divided, as if they have done nothing to promote that!

Turning back to Greene, she is described as having “intense and in your face” opinions in CBS promo materials, when that whitewashy phrase ignores her constant lying about the election and her blatant antisemitism. It’s like describing Tokyo Rose’s career as merely being “eyebrow-raising.”

But hey, it might be bad for the country, but it will be great for your news division.