18 March 2018 | The Adults are Failing

Grownups, I’m sorry, but this failing government and political crisis is what you deserve. You all have made no concerted and steadfast effort to exert maximum pressure on Congress. You have been content to just rage on social media (and most Americans are *not* on social media) and make your continued threats about a “blue wave” in November.

What a contrast to a bunch of teenagers in Florida makes. They had something unspeakable thrust upon them and unlike your last school massacres, they’ve come out. Forcefully. They’ve applied as much pressure as they could **and** combined that with talks about November elections, when some of them will be 18 and ready to vote. These teens are, perhaps, among the weakest segment of the populace because they don’t have the money to buy off or influence anyone. But they have the numbers and they’ve figured out how to use them.

Not so much you adults, who upon seeing a slow-moving active shooter on Fifth Avenue are trying to avoid looking but muttering, “I wonder what’s going to happen because if he does do something with that loaded rifle, I really will do something,” and then swearing how you’re going to call the police in November, by god, yes you are, and you’ll show *that* guy!

Bottom line is: if democracy meant sooo much to you as you claim on Twitter, Facebook or comment forums, you oughta be out there in massive enough numbers to get failed government actors to sweat and become afraid OF YOU. But they’re not afraid of you, because you’re at home hanging on every inculpatory tweet from an unfit, unqualified, racist birther scumbag. Who could possibly be afraid of you? Right now it’s only teens and the National ADAPT folks who are refusing to go home. The rest of you? Adjusting your March Madness brackets and lamely hashtagging #MuellerTime.

Good luck with that.