09 March 2018 | What Are You People Waiting For?!

"White House counsel Don McGahn refused Trump's order to ask the Justice Department to fire [special counsel] Mueller..."

So, why aren’t people out in the streets in massive numbers? I mean, I keep hearing all this tough talk about “Don’t fire Mueller!” and how you’ve all signed up on a website to show you’re gonna do something Really, Really Serious if Mueller is fired, yessiree! This should have been your red line, but it seems like people are preferring to wait until after the fact. Why?

What else do you need here? Are you still unsure about the nature of what’s going on? Or is it too inconvenient? I mean, in some parts of the country, it’s like, totally Spring Break, dood, so maybe you’re too busy? Like?

It’s almost as if you’re watching someone break into your house, but you’re really not quite sure if that person might be stealing, I don’t know? Let’s wait and see what happens? But oh man, if that person is stealing, well, you’re gonna whomp their ass when you call the police.

In November.

(Source: New York Daily News)