The Senate is Equally Bad

Why is it a truism that the Senate is probably out of reach of Democrats this fall? Put any numbers aside for a moment and take stock of a few facts, starting with the notion that the Republican-controlled Senate is just as bad as the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Remember, the Senate spearheaded a crappy, ill-conceived healthcare plan literally on a napkin during lunch. Republican senators had seven years to come with up a smokin’ hot Obamacare killer, but never did anything. They did like passing phony and meaningless repeal measures, but when it came down to it, they failed to come up with anything that even looked remotely like a comprehensive healthcare plan. And the legislation they did pass, sucks. Your increased premiums and people losing their coverage is as much on them as it is the House. Oh, and while we’re on the subject, someone check in with Republican Susan Collins if any of those promises made to her ever panned out. And then ask if she cares.

Every Republican senator rubber-stamped the biggest collection of incompetents, frauds and crooks to run government agencies in recent memory. This shows they have zero judgment when it counts, and these agencies are suffering badly for it. Scott Pruitt is just the best example of the worst, and whenever questioned about the scope of his corruption by the Senate, Republicans softball just about everything. Absolutely zero oversight. (And don’t forget, Republican senators were lied to not once, but twice by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and have yet to hold him accountable for it.)

The Senate has also failed to do its constitutionally mandated check and balance on the Executive branch. It’s proud article of faith for a wild, out-of-control House to abdicate their duty and toss out their oaths, but senators like to consider themselves far above that crowd. Except, they’re actually not. The Senate has also folded to become an extension of the Executive branch and support its insipid, incompetent head with barely a peep of protest in the face of overreach and increasing lawlessness.

The Republican Senate has failed to defend federal law enforcement from the relentless attacks by the Executive. I can count on one hand the number of GOP senators who have (blithely) pushed back against the syphilitic jihad the “president” has waged on a group of professionals he routinely calls “Nazis” and illegitimate. There aren’t even any quiet leaks about senators telling DOJ, FBI or CIA employees that they don’t agree with these attacks. There is, however, a deafening silence from the upper house to fight for the integrity of any federal worker, not to mention the intelligence community.

Along those lines, has the Senate demanded from the Executive branch that it start implementing sanctions on Russia that were voted in *last year*? Nope. So how can anyone say that Republican senators are on top of national security?

Again, I ask: why is it a given that with such incredibly poor performance, that the Senate is considered unlikely to come under Democratic control? Maybe someone should remind voters of all this (and more!) and ask if this is what you think is okay for you, your family and the country. Of course, that requires a constant media message from Democrats, but they have severe problems figuring out iMovie to do even that much.