Republican Apocalypse, Now

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Precisely how do you define the sickness that has befallen the Republican Party? Is it indeed, sickness? An addiction to the language and ways of neo-Nazism or white supremacy? An exploration of the moral morass that was always there, now rupturing forth like a wound that’s been picked at for 30 years and whose scab has been ripped off?

Or should we think of it in apocalyptic terms? That the entire Republican party has been possessed, and is in the the thralls of such possession as to be acting like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”? This party has become so depraved that we almost cannot think of a better way to describe it: in the throes of possession by the Devil. What the party has become is nothing short of evil.

And here’s the kicker: we’re being serious about this. We are at a loss to describe the actions of the Republican Party in anything outside of religious vocabulary. But remember: you cannot fix evil. You can fight it and should, but for those that it has infected, it will merely consume them.

The word “apocalypse” means “revealing,” or “unveiling.” So perhaps we have arrived at an apocalypse, and the veil has been lifted on the true face of the Republican Party. It is a twisted, ugly visage, one that deserves to haunt your dreams tonight because it is a face of evil. What has been revealed to us, it seems, is what conservatism has become: an exposed demon of bigotry and hate, wholly irrational but thrashing about violently and attacking everything in sight. Of inexhaustible contempt for what is good and decent that inexorably has claimed one soul after another in the GOP.

For the ones that remain, for those who still are actual conservatives, you will need to make an alliance with your political enemies and vote Democrat. There is no other way to fight this other than a complete purge of the racists, the pedophiles and the Holocaust deniers that have taken over your party. An all-out assault against those who debase and demean the constitutional processes of the country you profess to love so dearly, and may have even fought for. Nothing else is going to save the GOP. Nothing.

The unveiling has occurred. Are you willing, conservatives, to do what is necessary now that you have been confronted with the truth?