To Your Everlasting Shame

To Your Everlasting Shame

You Republicans, you are the worst. Simply and absolutely the worst.

For seven years, you complained endlessly that Barack Obama just getting up in the morning was an unconstitutional act. That everything he did was nothing more than tyranny, with his alleged blatant disregard for the everything that America stands for. You screeched that he was violating the Constitution by his very existence, trampling and shredding that document that you claim only you could understand and appreciate. You suborned every slander, every calumny, every libel and amplified every ugly whisper of racism to deafening levels.

Now, after you have tempted fate with your endless hatred of the nation’s first black president, you are actually confronted with the most unfit, unqualified and incompetent fool ever allowed into the Oval Office. Just six months in, this despicable wretch is doing everything you claimed was the exclusive behavior of Barack Obama. You failed to stop him from becoming your party’s candidate, standing by like eunuchs as this con artist wore your mantle, with the mind-numbing machinations of 304 truly stupid delegates of the Electoral College, all the way to a poorly attended inauguration.

You suborned his growing stupidity and allowed close allies to get insulted and alienated. You cowards kept your mouths shut when a hastily and poorly written Muslim travel ban was enacted, leaving it up to the courts to step in as you did nothing. You relentlessly screamed about Hillary Clinton’s alleged corruption while you quickly averted your gaze at the blatant disregard for the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. You held over 11 investigations into Benghazi but have not issued a single word of condemnation over this disgusting wretch’s false allegations at having been wiretapped by his predecessor (a federal crime!), or claiming that millions of illegal votes were cast for his political opponent. You pilloried Hillary Clinton’s email server as if state secrets were hacked into: nothing was ever proven, no compromise to national security ever happened. But you kept your mouths shut when your party's head blurted out classified information to his Russian comrades that undermined the actions and secrets of another country. And let us not forget your complete reluctance to condemn or investigate the real Russian hacking of the election, as confirmed by all 17 American intelligence agencies. Do you not care at all?

You are the most worthless group of people because each day, the very shredding of law, order and constitutional authority are occurring right under your own eyes and with your assent.

You will carry this for the rest of your rotten lives: a feckless, spineless group of sycophants who couldn’t be bothered to demand the constitutionally mandated checks and balances be upheld, but you swore to impeach Barack Obama because he dared to extend the deadline for those signing up for healthcare. You lousy group of dogs are ruining this country every day in ways that surpass even the most fetid of your swamp fever rantings against Obama. Interesting what happens when you tempt fate, isn't it? It's being visited upon you and you don't even realize it.

There is nothing that you people can possibly offer because this is all you have and all you ever will be: a pathetic mass of cowards, liars and hypocrites. You have no vision for America other than allowing it to slide into irrelevance and mockery because you desire tax cuts for rich people above all else, and have abandoned whatever principles you claimed to have in order to achieve it. You are failing each and every day, weakening this country in ways that will take a generation to rebuild. In your great stupidity, you think all of this damage can be contained, except it can’t. You are like the devil of the Apocalypse of John, set loose upon the earth and bringing everything to destruction.

You are failures of the worst kind. Were it only possible for you to actually be aware of the catastrophe you are bringing, of the wounds you have inflicted on this country. But you can’t, because you are incapable of self-reflection, of repentance. How does it feel, to now have that old-time religion thrown back into your faces? For you are not the people of Nineveh who are told to repent and do so. No, you are the people of Sodom, so debased, so lost in your avarice, greed and malice, that you have abandoned all the basic norms of regular society. You are depraved and vicious, shedding all pretense of respecting your fellow man and demanding that strangers be turned over for your sadistic ends. By this standard, you are damned because you have indicted yourselves. You are deeply corrupted beyond all hope. But you do not care: like the mob of Sodom at Lot’s door, you are demanding that your fetishes, your long list of hatred and your thirst for viciousness be sated, whatever the cost. You hate the widow, the orphan, the stranger and the poor, but are absolutely convinced that does not matter since you think you are “saved by grace.” The fool in his heart may say “there is no God,” but that pales in comparison to you pious frauds who take comfort in your depraved state by saying, “no disaster will come upon us.” (Jer 5.12). Your capacity for deception—of the self and of others—is boundless, matched only by your greed. As the prophet Micah says, you lie on your beds at night devising wickedness and when day breaks, you rush to make it happen because you have the power to do so (Mic 2.1).

Since you like to condemn, here is the curse turned back on you: the judgement you fervently wish on others is coming for you. Like a prophecy, it might be delayed, but it is indeed coming. Your malfeasance will be turned on you and there will be no escaping the dawning dread you will feel at the scope of what you have allowed to happen. Never again will you be able to raise your heads in protest or complaint against your political enemies, because of what you have allowed to occur. You will pay for it over and over and over again.

You are the worst, and you are all good for nothing.