The Radicals Were Here All Along

The Radicals Were Here All Along

The radicals have been here the entire time, waiting to be loosened upon the rest of us. And now that the chain has been broken, they are destroying the country.

They said it was Obama who was the radical. That his agenda for the country was so dark and so evil, that heroic resistance would be required. That he would transform the country into a socialist nightmare, worse than anything we've ever seen in the past 50 years. We were warned of his plan to follow "Rules for Radicals" and his associations with Bill Ayers, with the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda thrown in for good measure. That he wasn't American and was going to enact laws that were antithetical to the nation's history and experience. We would become a satellite of the wretched United Nations with their plans to weaken the United States in their quest to impose a one-world government.

Problem is, none of that has happened. Not one thing. Except, a funny thing happened on the way back from these frightful rallies exhorting us to hate the president: the realization that something radical really did exist. Something that was going to put restrictions on Americans' freedoms, and pit neighbor against neighbor.

It is the radicals of the Republican Party.

In short order, these radicals have begun enacting laws that restrict people's right to vote. They have excoriated women and sought to keep birth control and abortion more restricted than ever before. They have helped change previously accepted scientific concepts into "controversies" spewed by liars of the first magnitude. They have encouraged willful ignorance and inchoate stupidity, things that keep people weak, fearful and easily controlled. They have flirted with the country defaulting on its debt obligations that resulted in the country losing its triple-A credit rating. They have succeeded in shutting down the government. People are being purged off voting rolls and tons of money are being used to prop up political groups that have undermined democratic principles and equal protection and representation. And their biggest gripe is with healthcare (!) and their hatred of it that results in them circumventing the Constitution in order to repeal a law by holding the country's economy as a bargaining chip.

These are the true radicals that have been destroying the country. What strange irony it is that Obama has been called a dictator, but if you go against the Tea Party, you run the risk of being primaried. The radicals are shutting down the opposition in their own party with the same savagery as was done in Soviet Russia. But remember: it's the president who "acts like a king." The radicals are slashing in wild abandon the basic thread of American society, yet they have claimed that it was Obama and *his* radical agenda that's destroying the country. Collective bargaining and the hard-won rights of workers have been systemically stripped away under Republican governorships across the nation. Social services have been cut. Not even financial support for natural disasters stops their callousness. They have heaped contempt on other Americans and demonstrated their desire to see the poor and downtrodden remain in their place with no recourse, the first step to creating and maintaining a permanent underclass that has very little protection in any realm of their lives.

These are the true radicals, the true evil that is destroying this country. Their wickedness has come out of their mouths as righteousness (and we know that even the Devil can appear as an angel of light), but it is *they* who are radically altering American society so that it is a shadow of its former self. Is it *they* who are stripping away the freedoms of others, dragging the economy down, hurling the country to financial default. They are the radicals they claimed Barack Obama is. Their plan for America is an evil one, and there seems to be no one who is fully accepting of this, content to just call people like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz "stupid" and their supporters as "misguided." The radicalism of these people is dangerous and real. They have systematically been warping the laws of the country to shape their ideology, something they claimed was Obama's purview. Whatever they claim Saul Alinsky inspired in the president pales in comparison to the destruction and evil they've actually unleashed on this country. And make no mistake about it: liberals and Democrat supporters shy away from words like "evil" but there is no other way to describe it: the radicals are destroying the nation because they are evil.

And no one seems to be willing to stop them.