Fiscal Conservatism is a Lie

Fiscal Conservatism is a Lie

Fiscal conservatism is a lie.

Anyone who gets into a position of power claiming to be a fiscal conservative is a liar. He is not interested in small government because it's in government he amasses power. It's in government that he reaches far and wide to be in a position of influence over other peoples' lives and tell them what to do: that is what power is all about. And one does not become power or influential pretending to be for smaller, less intrusive government.

Conservatism is a lie told by wealthy people who want to tell others how to live their lives without giving up anything on their own. They seek more power, more wealth: has there even been a "fiscal conservative" who has declared he has enough money? That there is a limit to wealth? Without great wealth concentrated in a few hands, it is impossible to buy influence and people. It is impossible to push your ideology onto those who cannot resist because you have the politicians and the legal system in your thrall. What is conservative about that? Nothing. Fiscal conservatism is a lie repeated endlessly to get you to settle for less while others reap the rewards of that devil's agreement and amass power. Fiscal conservatism means you give up control over your own life because you "believe" that smaller government is what you need and is what will put the country onto the path of greatness. No business can ever be run on the idea that it takes no money to make money, but somehow, people believe that the national economy should be run this way. And people who preach fiscal conservatism like to pound this idiotic lie at all opportunities.

The false prophets of fiscal conservatism like to lie that the federal government is enemy, and the solution is to privatize everything. People are willing to believe that, as they are willing to overlook that privatizing prisons or education puts more money and wealth into elites' pockets, not ours. People don't make the connection that placing more power and money into someone else's hands under the idea that "at least it's not the feds" is an eventual death warrant. Fiscal conservatism is not about people: it is about commodities and pocketing more wealth at our expense. People buy into the lie of fiscal conservatism thinking it will make them rich, but you cannot be rich if you are being controlled by the fiscal elite and grant them power because they insist this keeps the federal government away from you. Fiscal conservatives are about undermining any kind of social safety net or consumer interest group because that is a threat to their power and influence. Less money spent on you means more money in their hands to push legislation at every level--local, state and federal--to further their interests. They will rant and rave about runaway federal spending or deficits but they don't care about this at all. What they care about is keeping power.

No politician is a fiscal conservative: he is lying if he claims to be. Congressmen want more money for their state, more money for their business interests and consequently, more power. Have you ever known a politician to give up his staff or travel expense--that's taxpayer dollars, remember--to live up to his message of fiscal conservatism? Of course not. Has any member of Congress left to work for a pittance in the private sector? Of course not. Fiscal conservatism is for others to suffer with, not for those who claim to be its champions. Fiscal conservatives are not interested in small government because they benefit from large government and steering money and projects to their states. If fiscal conservatives hated wasteful spending so much, why do pork projects exist? You can't blame the other side for being the source of all this. When a Congressman is elected, his immediate duty is to reward those who got him into power, and if that means undermining environmental protection, or pushing through rules that forbid the federal background checking agencies for gun purchases from using electronic records and do everything by paper--well, so be it. A politician will push through what he needs to amass power for himself, his friends, and his sponsors. He is not about conservative anything but vulture capitalism unleashed. He is not your representative wanting to tame the federal government beast: he **is** the federal government beast seeking to curb not spending, but your very freedom and your choices.

Fiscal conservatism is a grand, evil lie.