You Vapid, Ecclesiastical Liars

You Vapid, Ecclesiastical Liars

So, you bishops of the Catholic Church, are you all excited over the exercise of your power? Your full-head charge into the culture wars with your little battle cries of “religious liberty”?

Why is it that the reactionaries in this country like to invoke “religious liberty” always in the context of discriminating against someone, or denying something to someone? In this case, it's all about contraception, which must represent for these bishops a terrific antidote to the crime of child rape and needing to address this monstrosity. Perhaps because nothing excites religious fanatics more than dealing with restrictions on the female body, so contraception and abortion are preferred targets.

You pious frauds! There is nothing more ridiculous than clerics, in their ridiculous gowns and even more ridiculous hats, barking out to their captive congregations about how the White House is taking away their “religious liberty” because the healthcare reform law states that access to contraception needs to be provided by religious organizations that serve the public. Remember that last phrase, because by the sound and fury being raised by bishops, you might think the Catholic Church itself is under attack by the White House.

And that's what these reactionaries want you to believe, because “religious liberty" is the clarion call of Tea Baggers and right-wing scumbags who loathe Barack Obama and sincerely believe he's a tyrant of some kind. But it really boils down to clerical jerks wanting to assert their control over other people, ***and*** still receive federal monies. You want to talk about a crime, a scam, and forcing to support organizations that you disagree with? Religious organizations should never receive taxpayer money, but there it is. This country allows tax-exempt status to religious organizations, but you might think a corrupt institution like the Catholic Church is being hounded of out existence because the federal government has declared war on them. It's a red-state, red meat strategy, based on a heaping pile of bullshit and lies. And yet these bishops dare to say they are being coerced! What an outrageous lie from these pious frauds who lie regularly to their sheep about going to hell, morality and just about everything else! Who has ever heard of such a thing? There should be ***no*** taxpayer dollars for these “faith-based agencies" (what insane mind doesn't see that for what it is, a fraud?). But they get them all the time, and what's more, you have bishops using their influence and power to try to dictate social policy, screaming like banshees over the red herring that is “religious liberty.”

Is it wrong to have a differing opinion? No, but that's not what is going on here. Because bishops in America have thrown out the weighted phrase “religious liberty," they've aligned themselves with the reactionary and dangerous undercurrent of hate that's taken hold of people in this country. These clerical turds have ratcheted up the rhetoric with the sole purpose of scoring cheap political points: witness the mind-numbing spectacle of Republicans who now have suddenly turned Catholic and are rushing to throw more blood in the water for the sharks to smell. You bishops, you stand at your altars and rail against the government, convince the easily convinced that their very religious lives are at stake, and for what? Ah yes, to stoke hatred and force your beliefs onto everyone else. If your religious organizations are serving the public, why should you be exempt from providing full access to health care? Your claims of coercion are bogus, as bogus as the theology you sell. You already get breaks from the federal government on any number of things, yet you suddenly want to pick a fight over access to contraception, brandishing your crosses as being marched to the Coliseum for sacrifice. Nothing more despicable, I tell you, than this fraudulent show perpetrated by old men who love telling women what to do with their bodies.

And there are their flocks, nodding in agreement.

Since you bishops attack access to birth control far unlike your reactions to child rape, maybe you should give up your federal monies in protest. You don't want “coercion" from the Fed? Turn away your tax exemptions, because then you can pick and choose exactly who deserves your services. You can discriminate all you want under your false and despicable cry of “religious liberty." 

Fraud, fraud, fraud!