In Decline and Failing
In Decline and Failing
The United States is in decline and failing, and just about everybody is in severe denial about it.


A Note about Tech Culture  (Posted: 14 December 2018)
The irony of this blog post is that tech guys belong to a culture that gives in to very anti-democratic impulses and selective standards (called “situational morality” back in the day). They sneer at politicians who “don’t get it” yet won’t participate in any meaningful way to elect those who do. And when having a great a deal of power in terms of how information is distributed, tech culture has completely failed in any social obligations, preferring to pawn that off on aforementioned politicos who “don’t get it.”

Tech culture is successful at theft, damage and insult. It can’t offer any solutions because it can’t be *bothered* to do so.

False Hope and False Belief  (Posted: 29 November 2018)
This article is ironic for a number of reasons, namely the peddling of false hope and belief, except it’s on the part of scientists. These are people who often lecture everyone else about the absurdity and illogic of false hope and belief, yet you can find those two in great abundance throughout the article that flies in the face of the obvious reality: science in the United Kingdom is *not* going to remain the same after Brexit. It’s all going to change and despite the somber “we will survive” quote, there is having your cake and eating it, too, and this ain’t it.

Gird Thy Loins
Wherein I duly warn you of what to expect from our Media Glitterati about the North Korea-US summit.

Robert Mueller Is Not Your Savior
Imagine that we live in a society where a government lawyer is supposed to save the entire nation. Oh, wait.

Apple News is a Joke
Wherein we are treated to yet another round of noise by a tech company that wants to save news.

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