The Senate is Equally Bad
The Senate is Equally Bad
Senators like to think of their chamber as more refined, except they’ve proven to be as craven, useless, and destructive as the House of Representatives.


All You Need to Know  (Posted: 11 June 2018)
“Success” as normal people define it is not the goal of this farce of a summit between the United States and North Korea. It’s a PR win and that’s it. However, here’s something unexpected: it will cap off the greatest con perpetrated on a con man. It’s not beyond the pale that some folks might be quietly hoping for a North Korean “win”, which should not be too difficult since the soi-disant president is the biggest mark in the world, and they know to bribe and flatter him is how to get what they want.

Taking Stability for Granted  (Posted: 10 June 2018)
Europeans did not consider that there would ever be an unstable American government, and they lack a contingency plan for dealing with such. To say this sorry, obscene episode has caught them very off guard is an understatement. And this lack of preparedness hasn’t spurned a quick, tangible response, but a continued (and failing) vain effort to tell the arsonist with the can of gas and matches that he *really* shouldn’t set yet another house on fire. Good luck with that.

Gird Thy Loins
Wherein I duly warn you of what to expect from our Media Glitterati about the North Korea-US summit.

Businesses Always Fall First
AT&T and Novartis are just doing what industry does in tyrannies: taking marching orders and seeing where to cash in.

First Nations Not Wanted
It’s hard enough to get First Nations youth to know they have a rightful place in higher education and now they have to contend with panicky white people.

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