Whitewater, Part Deux
Whitewater, Part Deux
This is what the alleged scandal about Hillary Clinton's e-mails are all about: Whitewater. Here we go.

How It Will Go Down
How It Will Go Down
I do not trust the Supreme Court. I have no faith they will weigh millions of people losing healthcare against their personal political beliefs.

Hating the Sniper as Hero
Hating the Sniper as Hero
What offends liberals about someone being a sniper is that Chris Kyle said he loved his job.

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A Very Short List of Things That Do Not Please God
Turns out there's an entire laundry list of things that God does not like, and not just, as pious fraud claim, homosexuality.

A Scrum of Whores
Because a "Clinton scandal" is what the script demands, and that's how the media will dutifully play its role for the next year and half.

An Arab Military
The useless Arab League will take up the issue of creating a large, useless Arab military force. This should be fun.

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Woman Dies After Collision with Bus

Death Toll from Chile Floods Rises

Tourist Died from Gunshot Wounds

One Dead After Shooting at NSA

Turkey Hit by Massive Power Cut

Turkish Prosecutor Taken Hostage


[Indiana Governor] Pence also plans to fight back in the state and national media. He’s scheduled, for instance, to defend the law Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos. “I’m not going to take it (the criticism) face down, ass up,” he said. (Source: IndyStar)

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