Why Not Independence?
Why Not Independence?
Scots might be surprised to know there are more people interested in an independent Scotland than they might have surmised.

This Could Be All There Is
This Could Be All There Is
For a moment, think upon the real possibility that this glorious universe and our short existence might be all that there is.

Yes, God Will be Mocked
Yes, God Will be Mocked
Slavery, war, oppression: apparently, all of these don't mock God at all the way abortion and homosexuality does.

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I have a co-worker who is fighting a form of brain cancer that will more than likely be fatal. So I started praying for her.

A Suit
Not Syria, Russia, or Ukraine, but the color of the president's suit that got our Media Glitterati all in a tizzy.

As Europe Dithers
So Vladimir Putin has come up with a solution to a crisis that he created...and Europeans will probably go along with it.

The News and Swide Swipe

Million have fled Ukraine conflict

Ecuador volcano increases activity

Mali landmine kills four UN soldiers

Japan tackles dengue fever outbreak

Africa's farmers face failed seasons

Ebola response lethally inadequate

Even if God didn’t exist, we’d still find a way to be religious about killing each other.

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