Whitewater, Part Deux
Whitewater, Part Deux
This is what the alleged scandal about Hillary Clinton's e-mails are all about: Whitewater. Here we go.

Hating the Sniper as Hero
Hating the Sniper as Hero
What offends liberals about someone being a sniper is that Chris Kyle said he loved his job.

But People *Are* Stupid
But People *Are* Stupid
All Jonathan Gruber did was bring to light precisely what politicos think and believe: that people really are stupid.

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The Window
There's a time between your mid-20s and early 40s when life reaches an equilibrium.

The Dying Campaign Meme
According to our Media Glitterati, the campaigns of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are in trouble. Game over, trouble.

Ramadan Bombathon
It seems that folks like ISIS are forgetting that this is a holy month on the Muslim calendar.

The News and Swide Swipe

Angry protesters whitewash rainbow flag on West Bank barrier

Syrian government airstrike kills 17 in insurgent-held town

Military plane crash in Indonesia kills 55

Taliban wound 21 Afghans, kill one in attack on NATO convoy

Bus carrying British children crashes in Belgium

Flash floods, landslides kill 23 in southeastern Bangladesh


Well, we suppose folks in Oklahoma and Tejas will not be so down on the federal government now that a state of emergency has been declared due to floods. Funny how that works.

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