Middle East Cesspool
Middle East Cesspool
Let's face it: the Middle East is an unending disaster that should be fled from as quickly as possible.

While You Were Out...
While You Were Out...
While you were out fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, doing what the country asked of you in the wake of 9/11, a few things were changing here at home.

Why Not Independence?
Why Not Independence?
Scots might be surprised to know there are more people interested in an independent Scotland than they might have surmised.

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Maybe Men Should Shut Up
I don't know what it is lately, with a new story everyday about a man either beating his wife and other men quickly piping up about how it's somehow the victim's fault.

Why Democrats Lose
Well, the simple answer is that Democrats are incapable of listing facts. But they also like stabbing their own president in the back.

Who Could Have Guessed?
So, it appears that there was a terrorist attack in Canada, perpetrated by, surprise! A convert to Islam. What are the odds?

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Federal police sent to Mexico towns

Hurricane Gonzalo batters Bermuda

Days of deadly rains hit Nicaragua

New massacre reported in DR Congo

Exiled Nazis collected US benefits

That you have middle-class people arguing for corporations and their tax rate is...mind-numbingly dumb.

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