This is Not That Difficult, Democrats
This is Not That Difficult, Democrats
Just in case Democrats have short attention spans, I’ve made a bullet point list of ads that have written themselves for the midterm elections.


Never Trust Anyone Under 30  (Posted: 24 April 2018)
Here’s a good laugh: a university student who has all the answers about taxes and socialism, proudly wearing buttons from an organization that promotes “fiscal conservatism” and “limited government.” Bear in mind this moron is attending a public university, is not paying his own way, and is on his mommy and daddy’s health insurance.

Another young idiot

NASA’s New Direction  (Posted: 23 April 2018)
In honor of the swearing in of NASA’s new administrator, James Bridenstine (climate change denier, non-profit foundation raider and slanderer of President Obama), we offer this image which we hope will reflect the space agency’s new direction:

Teach the Controversy

We wonder how just how long NASA’s earth sciences media accounts will remain in business.

Another Van Jones Moment
Wherein a US-North Korea summit will produce the following serious phrase among the Media Glitterati: “today is the day Tr*mp became president.”

There is No Off Switch
Rome was not built in a day, but Rome also did not fall in a day, either.

Resistance is Futile
What do you do when your science agency’s new boss is unqualified and doubts climate change? Welcome him with open arms!

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