This Could Be All There Is
This Could Be All There Is
For a moment, think upon the real possibility that this glorious universe and our short existence might be all that there is.

Yes, God Will be Mocked
Yes, God Will be Mocked
Slavery, war, oppression: apparently, all of these don't mock God at all the way abortion and homosexuality does.

You Will Never Be Taken Seriously
You Will Never Be Taken Seriously
Look, if you can't admit certain facts are facts, then you cannot call yourself an investigator of any kind.

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Pay Student Athletes? What the Hell For?
You want to pay entitled student athletes lots of money for playing sports while telling other students: your value is pretty minimal.

Presidency Death Watch
You can have a drinking game watching the news with how many times "lame duck president" is casually tossed about.

Whither the Protests?
We're still amazed at the silence from Western liberals against The Killers Formerly Known as ISIS.

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Greenland ice sheet losses double

Liberia troops enforce Ebola lockdown

National Guard deploys to Missouri

Former Chile army commander dies

Even if God didn’t exist, we’d still find a way to be religious about killing each other.

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