Middle East Cesspool
Middle East Cesspool
Let's face it: the Middle East is an unending disaster that should be fled from as quickly as possible.

While You Were Out...
While You Were Out...
While you were out fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, doing what the country asked of you in the wake of 9/11, a few things were changing here at home.

Why Not Independence?
Why Not Independence?
Scots might be surprised to know there are more people interested in an independent Scotland than they might have surmised.

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Maybe Men Should Shut Up
I don't know what it is lately, with a new story everyday about a man either beating his wife and other men quickly piping up about how it's somehow the victim's fault.

Roundtable Media Whores
I'm watching the media whores on MSNBC all sitting around their nice glossy table wondering: why can't I get a gig like this?

Predictable Whining
Right after hearing President Obama's speech talking about how to take on ISIS, the country's reactionary liberals came out predictably screaming.

The News and Swide Swipe

UK will hunt down hostage's killers

Uganda alert over al-Shabab plot

N Korea jails US man for six years

Golfer Norman in chainsaw accident

Giant swimming dinosaur unearthed

The difference between not knowing something and willful ignorance: Texas.

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