Whitewater, Part Deux
Whitewater, Part Deux
This is what the alleged scandal about Hillary Clinton's e-mails are all about: Whitewater. Here we go.

Hating the Sniper as Hero
Hating the Sniper as Hero
What offends liberals about someone being a sniper is that Chris Kyle said he loved his job.

But People *Are* Stupid
But People *Are* Stupid
All Jonathan Gruber did was bring to light precisely what politicos think and believe: that people really are stupid.

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Just 5 Minutes
It won't take long, and no one has to know you actually had empathy for other human beings.

The Whores are Impatient
Joe, if you're not going to do it for the country, do it for the media whores. They need you.

The West to the Rescue...Again
Funny how the "Evil West" now has the responsibility for cleaning up the Syria refugee mess when the Arab countries watch from a distance.

The News and Swide Swipe

Car bomb attacks kill 57 people in Iraq

Nine dead in historic South Carolina rains and flooding

4 children, 1 adult killed in interstate crash

Woman accused of injecting 14-year-old daughter with heroin

American Airlines Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Pilot Suddenly Dies

Boy, 11, Shoots Dead 8-Year-Old Neighbor


Hopefully people in South Carolina won't need any federal help for massive flooding, because that would create dependence and people wanting free stuff.

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