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If It's Spring, It Must be Murder
Spring is the beautiful time of year when mark two divinely sanctioned acts of killing as wonderful stories of love.

The True Fear of Alien Invasions
The True Fear of Alien Invasions
All those stories about alien invasions? They're based on things that we humans have done to one another.

A Land of Phony Libertarians
A Land of Phony Libertarians
There are, maybe, about a dozen true libertarians in this country. I count Ted Kaczynski as one of them.

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The Moral Dilemma of Superman
While he kept his word to Miss Tessmacher, doing so meant Lois Lane would die a horrible, agonizing death.

Reality Check, Indeed
The United States wants to reassess its role in the Middle East peace process. Then inform us about our unbreakable bond with Israel.

Comparative Tragedies
If you want a textbook example of a lack of empathy, look no further than the people tired of Boston Marathon bombing stories.

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