04 September 2021 | A Slap on the Wrist

A Slap on the Wrist

So, The Insurrectionist Formerly Known as QAnon Shaman pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding, which is a felony and is set to be sentenced in November 2021.

It’ll be a slap on the wrist.

I have so little faith in the system, that I’m fairly sure that as part of his deal with government prosecutors, Jacob Chansley, the infamous bare-chested, and horn-hatted participant in the 1/6 insurrection attack on the Capitol, will likely get a sentence from 41 to 51 months. (The standard is 20 years.) Given that by November he will have been in jail for about 10 months, that will be considered time served, so the very minimum that he'll be eating his organic meals in jail at taxpayer expense clocks in at 31 months. Knock off time for good behavior, it won’t even be two years.

And when he does get out, well, there will be lengthy interviews with the sympathetic New York Times, potential book deals, and endless appearances on the Fox channel among others. I anticipate him campaigning with any number of GOP reprobates. There will be no repentance, no remorse, but a return to the very thing that got him trouble to begin with. And it won’t just be him: others who wind up serving deal-brokered light sentences are going to do the same.

Just you wait.