14 February 2021 | When Nothing Matters

When Nothing Matters

In the first impeachment trial in 2019, we were told that “truth matters.” It was a plaintive cry then and it remains such now because this is a country where truth does *not* matter at all. In fact, our elected leaders are gleefully playing the role of Pontius Pilate, asking, “What is truth?” before washing their hands of all responsibility, or treating an attempted insurrection that resulted in 5 direct deaths as an election fundraising opportunity.

This is a country without a moral center, but has a growing hollowness it mistakes for morality, truth and decency. Illusory. Our indifference is making us beggars to our demise, but we are dedicated not only to amusing ourselves to death, but thinking that the next election cycle is what will fix everything. Until that rolls around, we will preoccupy our passions with whether or not the national anthem should be played before sports games. Or if we should add yet another streaming service to the bills.

It’s interesting that this country loves to compare itself to the ancient Roman Republic, oblivious to the dangers when an exhausted population no longer has the capacity to care about or respond to the naked dangers confronting them. They eventually just gave in, because the truth no longer mattered. The fiction of their morals and values let them pretend otherwise. It all leads inexorably to collapse.