13 February 2021 | Not Even a Man

Not Even a Man

At some point, every man and woman will encounter another man or woman who absolutely disgusts them in the most existential way. It’s not a question of “I find that man to be a complete scumbag” or “that woman is just a spiteful witch.” No, I’m talking about that deep moral offense, a particular revulsion that someone could be of the same gender as you. That’s former Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence is the most disgraceful and pathetic excuse of a man. As a man, he just fills me with such contempt and offends me deeply. He isn’t a man at all. He’s not even the shadow of a man. Actual eunuchs are more manly than he could ever hope to be. He’s beyond pathetic. This person was the object of a crowd’s bloodlust during the 1/6 terrorist attack on the Capitol and he won't even defend himself. He prefers to remain quiet over the fact that his boss didn’t even care about his personal safety and put his life in danger.

Out of all the ugly, gross pieces of shit that infested the government of Biden’s Predecessor, he stands out as being the sorriest example of a human male.