11 November 2020 | The Troubles to Come

The Troubles to Come

I suspect the longer term post election fallout will be like Germany after WWII: from “I didn’t really like Hitler” to “I would certainly vote for him again if he weren’t hiding out in Argentina.” In 2020, seventy million people voted for a man who has no integrity, ethics or morals and that didn’t bother them at all. The sad truth is, Americans admire criminals, especially those in power. So I guess we should expect more reactions like the second one above because NO ONE repents of their moral failure, or admits it’s a failure of any kind.

I don’t know why our Media Glitterati haven’t bothered in the last four years to talk to any historians of the Third Reich to outline how ordinary people are in these situations. Not because this is 1930s Germany or the Germany right after the liberation, but because human nature doesn’t really change much and folks need to be reminded of that. Having a blueprint by what has happened before would be helpful to understand what to expect going forward. But I sure as hell never heard anyone saying, “We need to reach out to former Nazi supporters with care, dignity and respect.” That’s just hot media-driven garbage.