31 October 2020 | Collapse


Black hole metaphors might be overdone, but bear with me here: at the center of these things is a theoretical structure called a singularity. This is the point, according to cosmologists, were physical laws take on infinite values. Everything we understand and know collapses.

That’s a nice description for what I suspect is going to happen on Election Day. For all the noise about a contested election and the Supreme Court throwing out ballots and calling the race for Imbecile 45, my unscientific sense is all of the ironies of a crooked and depraved Republican Party will begin to collapse on themselves: instead of wanting the courts to throw out ballots, they’ll change course and demand the opposite when it becomes apparent that the election isn’t going their way. The GOP leader doesn’t want ballots to be counted after November 3, but watch for that tune to change. It’s been four years in the making.

I don’t know any of this for a fact. I fully expect any number of pathetic attempts to occur, but I’m more of the opinion that there won’t be enough *there* there, to make any serious legal challenges. It will collapse on itself into a dense point of defeat from which *none* of them will be able to escape.