The Other Day of Infamy
Why You Still Here?
The YouTube Bruh Thing
Supremely Corrupted, Supremely Unchecked
Beggars to Our Own Demise
As Corrupt as They Wanna Be
A Eunuch for All Seasons
The Arrogance of Inevitability
The Ghost of 2016
Things Fall Apart
The Great Hanger Reboot
A European Failure
Watching Canada Fold
They Catch the Cold
A Quite Pointless Exercise
The Bad Faith of White Politicians
Everything Lost and More
Fossil Fuel Fantasy
We, the Sleepwalkers
A Most Soviet State

Bonfire of the Media Vanities
The Whores Have Remained the Same
Priorities, Man
This Time for Reals, Right?
Are You Being Ironic?
A Lemming’s Work is Never Done
Elizabeth Who?
The NYT Shuffle
Always a Different Standard
Food for Thought
The Whores Remain the Same
The Gore-ing Has Started
Leaping into Both Siderism
Played, but Willingly So
Gird Thy Loins
While You Weren’t Looking
A Useless Dinner
Both Siderism BS
Another Van Jones Moment
I’m Shocked that You’re Shocked!

Most Valuable Moron
All Out of F**ks
Why Should They Be Afraid?
A Reminder for Justice Porn Fans
Expect Denial
Herd Stupidity
Like Unto the Germans
Give It Up Already
Once More, with Feeling
A Stiff-Necked People
Much Worse Than You Think
Why Trust the Brass?
Stop Me Before I Kill Again!
Afraid of an Imbecile
The System is Down
Don’t Bother Me
What is the Big Deal?
Robert Mueller Is Not Your Savior
A Lack of Cohesion
In Plain Sight

The One-Body Problem
Tech is a Slow, Creeping Death
I Will Not Help (White) Women
Iniustitia vincit omnes
The Gap between Us
All the Things Not Done
What to Do After
300 Days On
An Unexpected Hoarding
Latinos as Trophies
I’m Shocked That You’re Shocked
Apple News is a Joke
A Little Truth about Latinos
When Little Johnny is a Bigot
First Nations Not Wanted
The Little Big Problem of Rocket Soot
What About Bumblebee Man?
Resistance is Futile
No One is Deleting Anything
A Little Cold Fact about Climate Change

Republican Apocalypse, Now
Whitewater, Part Deux
The New Dogma of the GOP
10: Things Change and Then They Don't
A Decade of Islamic Violence
Someone I Did Not Know
To Israel, With Love
What He Hath Wrought
Save Pluto
War on Terror, War on Women
Good Riddance, 2005
Triumph of the Will
The Root Cause of It All
The Official Story Begins
The Practice of Unrequited Love, Part I
Wrong and Right
The Practice of Unrequited Love, Part II
The Plea of Abraham
Bread and Circuses
The Road to Confusion
All Hail the Media Machine!
How We Learned to Love Impeachment

An MLK Day Irony
The President You Deserve
Doing What Americans Won’t
In Decline and Failing
The Remedy That Dare Not Speak Its Name
The Senate is Equally Bad
This is Not That Difficult, Democrats
They Just Do Not Care
Trump’s Willing Executioners
To Your Everlasting Shame
45* (or, The Unrepentant Nation)
The Velocity of Your Own Self-Destruction
The Heretic President
Ecce Tyrannus!
Conduct Unbecoming a Woman
Just Stay Home, EmoProgs
The Jedi Are Not the Good Guys
Not So Nice After All
Déjà Vu All Over Again
The Madness Begins
Hating the Sniper as Hero
But People *Are* Stupid
What White People Want
Man is No Steward of the Earth
At War with Us
Middle East Cesspool
While You Were Out...
Why Not Independence?
This Could Be All There Is
Yes, God Will be Mocked
You Will Never Be Taken Seriously
If It's Spring, It Must be Murder
The True Fear of Alien Invasions
A Land of Phony Libertarians
Sweet 16
When I Grew Tired of the Lying
To Create a Permanent Underclass
A Weak America is a Liberal Dream
The Republic Dies the Death of a Thousand Cuts
The Radicals Were Here All Along
The Age of Willful Ignorance
The Whipping Boy
The Tsarnaev Effect
Where Are All the UFOs?
How Liberals Will Make Hillary Pay
Fiscal Conservatism is a Lie
Why Nothing is to Be Done
Soical Fabric, Undone
Where the Commies Are
Stop Invoking Heaven
The Greatest Trick of All
The Last Gasp of White Supremacy
Undecided and Unintelligent
Once, We Were Young in Summer
Birtherism is Racism
Willful, Immoral Ignorance
The Impossible Vagaries of God's Plan
And We Shall Evangelize Our Robots
What America is This?
You Vapid, Ecclesiastical Liars
A Simple List of Political Rules
It's Not Heaven Unless Someone is in Hell
Modern Rules of Politics
Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Ufologists
Why I Won't Be Seeing ‘The Hobbit’
When We Take Our Violence to the Stars
A Few Questions for the Intelligent Design Crowd
There's No Upside to This Anger
A Most Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
Harry Potter as Jesus Christ
A Little Defense of Nathan Kotylak
The Most Hated Kid in Canada
This Woman’s Work
2012: Just Kill Yourself Already
Comfort for Liberals Upon Bin Laden’s Death
They Want to Call Him “Nigger”
The Farce of Redemptive Killing
The True Lessons of Frat Life
The Vindictive Style in Arizona Politics
The Refutation of Christian Principles
A Fantastical Sham
We Are Not All Egyptians Now
Everyone a Nazi
Plain, Honest Men
A Short List of Right-Wing Intellectual Thought
What If I'm on Mars During the Rapture?
There's No Voting in Heaven
Joyful Atheism: A Response to James O'Connell
Soulless Atheism
The Velocity of Universal Resurrection
A Most Wicked Species
The Other One
Atheist and Pro-Life
A Big Disappointment
This Wicked, Hateful Season
Old Friends 4 Sale
Israel, We Hate You Even More
You'll All Be Back
The Orthodox World of the Tech Guy
Machine God and Man, Part I
21st Century Writing
The Superstitious Universe
A Good Catholic Boy
A Geek's Problem
The Uncomplicated Gods
When God Steers the Ship of State
Wasting Time with Fonts
Fantastically Deadly Fantasies
It Takes a(n Evil) Village
They're All So Tough on the Internet
Screw Me? Screw You!
The Unkindly Ones
Must. Have. Stuff.
Everywhere, Fear
About Those Octuplets...
Global Warming Deniers
The Disproportionate Dislike of Israel
On the Genius of Mankind
Trust No One
Mars without Martians
The Need to Spend
Why I am Learning Portuguese
On the Expectation of Bad News
The Worst Product in All Creation
The End of Oil Things
Athens vs. Jerusalem, Part I
A Life in Catalogues
An Inconvenient Color
Our Lives, Now
Countdown to a Backstabbing
His Dark Materials
Real Men Pray Naked
The Stupidest Season
When History Becomes Hysteria
Recounting “300”
No, We Are Alone
The Accidental Prude
Why Greek Rules
An Evolution of Dumb Ideas
The Imposed War
La langue enchantée
The Guy She Wishes I Was
The Bullshit of Karma
War on Terror, War on Women
Reading the Demonstrations Wrong
What Peaceful Religion?
Good Riddance, 2005
Advice to His Unborn Son
Our Dated World
I (Heart) Alex Ubago
The Succor of Friends
Exeunt Love
The Yawning Gun
Somehow, This is All Your Fault
The Divine Comedy
See You in Baghdad, Boys
The Not-So Greatest Generation
Disliking Mexicans
Everybody Says I Hate You
The Intolerable Sickness of It All
Heroes and Zeros
The Devil in Harry Potter
Defending ‘Troy’
How to Make Terrorists and Influence Radicals
The Feel Good Movie of the Year
The Calculus of a Bombing
Beware the October Surprise
The Cult of Mediocrity
She’s Not Having My Baby
Damn Your Blogs!
Mission Re-accomplished!
My Afterlife with Jump Cuts
Attack of the Bouncing Ads
Old Tyme Religion, Mad Mel Style
Spike TV: The Network for Morons
See You in Hell, Buddy
That Zyrtec Dude
How Mike Piazza Made Me a Sexual Suspect
My Dinner with Gay John
Your So-Called Friends
Why Not Liberate Palestine?
Baghdad Falls! Is the DNC Next?
Is This the Best the Arabs Can Do?
That Herpes Kind of Girl
Things to Do During the War
Texting Edith
Ya Hussein!

A Survival Primer for the Media
Understanding the Media Whores
On Asking Dumb Questions
Let the Games Begin!
Lament of a Sports Media Whore
The Optics So Far
Win by Lying
Ready for Their Closeup
The Pot Calls the Kettle
What, Me Worry?
And the Chumps Played On
A Four-Front War?
Yep, They All Hate Big Government
Everybody Stake Your Positions!
A Whole Lotta Nothingburger
Hillary delenda est!
Tomorrow's Headlines, Today!
She's Up! She's Down!
A Salient Fact, Often Ignored
Continuing to Miss the Point