MEDIAWHORES ONLINE: Watching our Media Glitterati, so you don’t have to.

Are You Being Ironic?   (Published: 20 July 2020)
It should never be a question if our Media Glitterati are going to show up or not for any presser the idiotic “president” intends to give.

A Lemming’s Work is Never Done   (Published: 02 May 2020)
Our Media Glitterati need to feed this image of themselves as dogged truth seekers but they continue to line up and walk steadily towards the cliff.

Elizabeth Who?   (Published: 17 February 2020)
Our Media Glitterati has decided that after one caucus and one primary vote, it’s Bernie Sanders for the win.

SONS OF ARES: Raw nerves, pure rage because things are suckier than you imagine.

Expect Denial   (Published: 20 July 2020)
It bears repeating that those so taken in by incessant lies are never going to admit there were lies to fall for in the first place.

Herd Stupidity   (Published: 19 July 2020)
Interesting how sports fans haven’t stepped up and donned masks so they can have their precious games back.

Like Unto the Germans   (Published: 23 May 2020)
Just how are we Americans going to be like the Germans right after WWII? Let us enlighten you!

IN LOCO ESSE: The ennui! The introspection! Unfinished notes from a self-domesticated man.

What to Do After   (Published: 19 September 2020)
The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg all boils down to this: assume the worst and plan accordingly.

300 Days On   (Published: 24 May 2020)
I was not overcome with grief when I lost and buried a parent, and that’s okay with me.