MEDIAWHORES ONLINE: Watching our Media Glitterati, so you don’t have to.

Bonfire of the Media Vanities   (Published: 09 January 2024)
Media watchers need to stop asking “when will the media learn?” and accept that fact that they just don’t want to.

The Whores Have Remained the Same   (Published: 02 April 2023)
There is a very simple reason why Lesley Stahl would want to interview a bigoted representative from Georgia, and his name is Les Moonves.

Priorities, Man   (Published: 25 March 2023)
For some reason, the threat of violence against Alvin Bragg has caused our Media Glitterati to wonder what he did to deserve it.

SONS OF ARES: Raw nerves, pure rage because things are suckier than you imagine.

Most Valuable Moron   (Published: 06 November 2021)
Aaron Rodgers is not a medical professional but he has lots of opinions about science. Oh, and he’s a damn liar to boot.

All Out of F**ks   (Published: 19 September 2021)
We have reached the point in story after story about communities that are hell-bent on spreading COVID to where all of our f**ks have gone.

Why Should They Be Afraid?   (Published: 17 July 2021)
Lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood don't seem to phased by their sanctions hearing, because they know something about the system the rest of us do not.

IN LOCO ESSE: The ennui! The introspection! Unfinished notes from a self-domesticated man.

Tech is a Slow, Creeping Death   (Published: 21 January 2024)
We’ve all been sold on the idea that you don’t need to be tech savvy to use a phone or tablet, but that’s not been true for a long time, if ever.

I Will Not Help (White) Women   (Published: 08 January 2024)
American women will not be getting back their former constitutional right any time soon.

Iniustitia vincit omnes   (Published: 20 November 2021)
Like a lot of other people, I have various thoughts about the stupefying verdict in Kenosha, Wisconsin.