19 September 2021 | All Out of F**ks

Hey, what can you do?
Hey, what can you do?

We are always super hesitant to pass along anything posted on Daily Kos, chiefly because we’re turned off by the reactionary nature of that community, which likes to lecture a lot. (Ahem.) Everything there should be taken with more than your recommended grain of salt. (AHEM).

That throat-clearing aside, this post (It’s going to get a lot worse in Idaho) caps off any number of stories we’ve read lately about the toll the Delta variant is causing, and in states with people that don't seem to give a damn. At this point, honestly, as the saying goes, we are "all out of fucks to give."

Seriously, what are we supposed to do with these stories? They're piling up like corpses, inversely proportional to our sympathy levels. It remains jaw-dropping that in a rich and powerful nation like ours, a seeming majority of people concentrated in states that get more federal money than others (but are opposed to Big Government and its handouts) are hell-bent on not caring too much about themselves as a point of pride. They're all rushing to packed football games, making a mockery over local rules, oh excuse us, "strong suggestions" about masking, and are turning school board meetings into mini inquisitions. And then we hear about officials despairing over rationing care and healthcare systems that are typically described as being "strained to the limit," although we never hear about then actually breaking. Wash, rinse, repeat. (And yes, we know this isn't exclusive to so-called "red states.")

The bottom line is, we suppose, that people just don't care. We are too addicted to luxury and our easy lifestyles to be bothered with something as mundane as wearing a mask or getting a vaccine shot at our convenience. We like to pretend that communities come together in a crisis, and pat ourselves on the back about how generous and caring we are. But in practice, that's all patently untrue. Our communities seem ready to rip each others' throats out, cheered on by governors and other piss-addled politicians who view public health a suggestion, not an obligation. And all of this just makes us ask, why are we bothering to care anymore?

All out of fucks, indeed.