16 September 2019 | Afraid of an Imbecile

The world is afraid of this imbecile, this illegitimate occupier of the White House. European leaders, in particular, are paralyzed with fear and have really done nothing but make all sorts of appeasement noises and shuffle their feet and stare at the ground. Not one of these feckless bastards has figured out that the US is not to be trusted and it's best to work around it. (No, that ain't impossible.) And it's been consistent, this stunning incompetence, but they all keep treating it like it's temporary and act like business as usual.

Going three years in, they still have not figured out how to handle the stupidity and corruption. The Saudis figured it out super early, who told the Chinese, who mentioned it to the Koreans and Japanese: buy the Scumbag off. The manipulation dividends outweigh any foot stamping about deals, trade and other subjects the Human Fungus knows nothing about.

West European leaders just keep fumbling, driven by bureaucratic timidity. We've never been so disgusted at their collective panic, lack of imagination and leadership when dealing with a thoroughly incompetent US administration. Hell, even vaunted NATO started piping up on a regular basis about how wonderful they are only after the Human Fecal Whisperer started whining about them. We had never seen any tweets or press releases before from NATO, but now this alleged defense organization was scrambling to prove their worth on the basis of this disgusting scumbag with all the finesse of put-upon AV club geeks.

Just pathetic.