27 May 2019 | Don’t Bother Me

The Internets ask:
How does the force of public opinion reach the necessary majority-out-loud to cause Congress to take action?

You have to do the one thing the public refuses to do: flood the National Mall/Capitol Hill in large numbers that won't go home.

The public is relying on Other People to do all the hard work (i.e., Democratic leadership). You can't be bothered, you can't be perturbed. Unless of course, you're one of the million people who rushed to sign a petition to re-do the last season of "Game of Thrones." Or are now signing a petition to keep the showrunners from having to do anything with "Star Wars." THEN you're moved to action.

You have the concentration camps. You have a number of dead children who were in those camps. You have border patrol agents openly wishing they could shoot people on sight. You have laws deliberately made to exclude a whole group of people (LGBT) from legal protections, kinda like another group of people who were the object of such laws in a well-known European country not even 100 years ago. But we don't see anyone out there. We don't see any protests whatsoever. But we do see a lot of social media handwringing that is often mistaken for action.

The American public likes moving goal posts. First it was the Mueller Report*. Then it was Nancy Pelosi. Now it's the 2020 election. Anything other than movement that goes outside the house. Good thing this generation wasn't around in Montgomery, AL, all those years ago, to insist that a letter-writing campaign was the way to get things done instead of an actual boycott. Black people would still be at the back of the bus.

(*And the Mueller Report hasn't even been read by the vast majority of Americans, particularly among liberals and Democratic supporters who like to tout how smart they are. Why? It's too long. In a strange twist, people want a simple three line PowerPoint slide, kinda like how Imbecile-1 can understand things.)