11 September 2019 | Food for Thought

Something important for Dems and other lefties to remember: the Human Bedpan only won an electoral victory because 77,000 people in three key states were the victims of a disinformation campaign conducted by a foreign country with the blessing of said Bedpan’s campaign. Any “firewall” needs to focus on that, not chasing after the nihilist morons who did vote for him on their own.

Not enough people showed up for the popular vote for It in 2016, and since then, not enough people have been showing up to make an impressive showing for the GOP. The 2018 election was a blue wave, with historic numbers, although our Media Glitterati quickly downplayed even when it became apparent. When special elections are factored in, Imbecile-1 is a drag on the ticket, with GOP candidates barely eking out wins that are supposed to be theirs with double digits. Remember: Ted Cruz was 20 points ahead when Imbecile-1 showed up and Beto O’Rourke wound up losing by only by 2.6 percent. That should not have happened.

Imbecile-1 is a black hole sucking in and destroying those stupid enough to cross the event horizon, and has not brought in any new voters in appreciable numbers. This is all a low-level war of attrition, complicated by the general unreliability of Dems voting *and* their preference for thinking Its vaunted base should occupy their minds as the behemoth it is not. That and Dems suck at marketing.

Just some food for thought.