05 October 2016 | Win by Lying

I won’t be able to say it as well as my good friend Lawrence O’Donnell did on his show, but it is a sad thing to see the Media Whores insisting that Mike Pence won his debate with Tim Kaine even though the former lied and lied and lied.

What is the famous question? “Have you no shame, sir?”

It’s mind-boggling to think that pundits can declare anyone the winner of any debate when demonstrable lies are told. We’re not talking fudging numbers or mumbling through something that might be a mix of truth and half-truths. No, Mike Pence outright lied.

And please, if anyone wants to sputter that “everybody lies” or want to insist that Hillary Clinton tells lies morning, noon and night, spare me. You can’t tell me that you’ve got superior morals and values when you’re questioned on it and insist that the other guy does it. And this isn’t about Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine at all: it’s about the goddamned lying. If you can’t make the distinction, then do everyone a favor and quit insisting that your shit doesn’t stink.
Both CNBC and MSNBC showed how vacuous they are by insisting that Mike Pence won the debate. Again, lying does not win a debate. It’s almost as if no one takes debate in this country (I did in high school), given that the basic norms of what a debate actually is apears to be lost on them all. But, as it usually goes with our Media Glitterati, everything needs to be an Event, and the talking points are always about who has “won” a debate.

Honestly, even by the low standards of the Media Whores, this is an embarrassment.

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