23 January 2016 | A Salient Fact, Often Ignored

"They [Ammon Bundy et. al] have come in to suggest there's a catastrophic problem in America that must change, even to the extent of armed revolt," says Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity.

"When, in fact, most people are doing pretty darn well. Including the Koch Brothers and the Bundys." (Source: The Oregonian

It might be too much to suppose that someone out there might point this fact out, except we’re constantly being told about how “angry” the electorate is. But none of our hapless media fucks will explain **why** voters claim to be angry and precisely over what. It’s almost as if it’s common knowledge except it’s not. The angriest voters in this country are the ones who haven’t suffered measurably in any way, but they keep insisting that America is careening in the wrong direction. Worse still, they all voted for a cadre of literally do-nothing pseudo-conservatives to run Congress down to barely a crawl and are now complaining about it.

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