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The Gore-ing Has Started   (Published: 19 March 2019)
The negative framing about Beto O’Rourke has begun in earnest.

Leaping into Both Siderism   (Published: 10 January 2019)
Apparently, magic has made hated Nancy Pelosi retroactively responsible for a government shutdown before Dems took control of the House.

Played, but Willingly So   (Published: 09 January 2019)
The networks were not bullied into broadcasting that election ad from the Oval Office; they did it in purpose.

SONS OF ARES: Raw nerves, pure rage because things are suckier than you imagine.

What is the Big Deal?   (Published: 12 March 2019)
A hardcore 30 percent of voters support Imbecile-1 for no other reason than hating Democrats. But what about that 10 to 12 percent addition?

Robert Mueller Is Not Your Savior   (Published: 12 October 2018)
Imagine that we live in a society where a government lawyer is supposed to save the entire nation. Oh, wait.

A Lack of Cohesion   (Published: 29 August 2018)
Democrats like to talk about being a Big Tent party, except none of them can remember to vote outside of a presidential election when it's often too late.

INSITU: The ennui! The introspection! Unfinished notes from a self-domesticated man.

I’m Shocked That You’re Shocked   (Published: 23 March 2019)
Tech companies are run by young people who have zero regard for privacy and accuracy. Quelle surprise.

Apple News is a Joke   (Published: 14 December 2018)
Wherein we are treated to yet another round of noise by a tech company that wants to save news.