MEDIAWHORES ONLINE: Watching our Media Glitterati, so you don’t have to.

Gird Thy Loins   (Published: 12 May 2018)
Wherein I duly warn you of what to expect from our Media Glitterati about the North Korea-US summit.

While You Weren’t Looking   (Published: 06 May 2018)
Our media *could* report on the weakening of consumer protections enacted by the GOP, but that would take away from their three favorite topics.

A Useless Dinner   (Published: 29 April 2018)
I am still perplexed as to why a White House Correspondents Dinner is even a thing.

SONS OF ARES: Raw nerves, pure rage because things are suckier than you imagine.

Robert Mueller Is Not Your Savior   (Published: 12 October 2018)
Imagine that we live in a society where a government lawyer is supposed to save the entire nation. Oh, wait.

A Lack of Cohesion   (Published: 29 August 2018)
Democrats like to talk about being a Big Tent party, except none of them can remember to vote outside of a presidential election when it's often too late.

In Plain Sight   (Published: 24 August 2018)
It’s the lawyer-pundits on television who can’t seem to tell us when a crime is an actual crime, never mind Rudy Giuliani.

INSITU: The ennui! The introspection! Unfinished notes from a self-domesticated man.

Apple News is a Joke   (Published: 14 December 2018)
Wherein we are treated to yet another round of noise by a tech company that wants to save news.

A Little Truth about Latinos   (Published: 29 July 2018)
There is a conundrum for people who think Latinos are always going to vote for Democrats.