Just Stay Home, EmoProgs

Just Stay Home, EmoProgs

Now I know where that sense of déjà vu is coming from in this election cycle. The same song and dance we heard back in 2008, only it was Barack Obama who was the messianic figure. He was the guy who was going to change everything. He was the guy who represented all sorts of new stuff because Hillary would be Bush’s third term. She’s corporate, he’s not. She’s a war hawk, he’s a dove.

And yet, it turns out that not one Wall Street exec has spent a day in prison under the Obama Administration. Not one serious investigation into *how* the U.S. embarked on its Iraqi Expedition because “we need to look forward,” per Obama. So none of the bad actors in that have gotten in any trouble, but we must all remember Hillary’s 2003 Iraq war vote (Benghazi before it was Benghazi). And more people killed in drone strikes by the Obama Administration than his predecessor. No small feat.

The same people whose older brothers wore “Bros Before Hoes“ shirts, and generated lots of excitement so they could (thank God!) wind up voting for a man. But they all seemed to disappear in 2010 and 2014. How odd. You would think that a bunch of people all fired up over corrupt party politics would have been chipping away it in the interim, but nope! Lower turnout that was quickly explained away as strictly the result of gerrymandering. How convenient.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He’s a socialist: a Castro-loving one at that. He called for Obama to be primaried in 2012: funny how no one remembers that. He’s inveighed against the Democratic Party that he’s now ostensibly running to be the head of. How curious. Precisely how are you going to get progressive candidates elected if you’re not raising any money for the primary organization that can make that happen? Sounds like too much work, so that might explain the lack of action. Hillary raised over $15 million in 2015 alone for the Democratic Party. Mr. Sanders: $0. That goes well with his acolytes because money is evil. Okay, but I take it you’re now prepared for permanent GOP control at the local, state and federal level. It’s not correlation here, it’s causation.

Hillary’s biggest foes have always been members of her own party. And it seems that people are more content to stay home out of ideological purity, even though they shake their head sadly at right wingers who are supposed to be the owners of that pathology. I’m so old, I remember a previous Shabbatai Zvi going under the name of Ralph Nader who would have been proud of this.

Make her pay for Obama’s mistakes, his ineffectiveness at dealing with an opposition that has done all but call him the N-word. I would love to see a President Sanders withstanding an 11-hour grilling and not lose his composure when faced with implacable hostility. I’m sure it would go well: after all, he’s been in Congress for three decades and he’s got a lot to show for it. Right?

So by all means, Bernie Sanders supporters and left-wing general haters of anyone named “Clinton,” stay home. Don’t bother to vote, secure in the knowledge that you are a better person, incorruptible and that your shit doesn’t stink. The rest of us prefer do to otherwise than patting ourselves on the back.