The Republic Dies the Death of a Thousand Cuts

The Republic Dies the Death of a Thousand Cuts

Despite what most people think, all of the world's great civilizations have rotted from within before their downfall. And that's the same of ours.

This country can't be described just as "internally divided" as much as at war with itself. How fitting, how ironic, that this all comes 148 years after the end of the Civil War: it's a war that apparently never truly ended.

Our country is being led and led astray by men with small dicks, whose inferiority complex is overshadowed by their absolute contempt for actually governing the most powerful country on earth. How can any other country look at us and see anything inspiring? Indeed, the last Washington crisis was a crisis of fiscal faith: led by a radicalized group of talentless and spiteful men, the world was alerted to the sobering fact that America's money is not safe. That we will not pay our bills. This and only this is the lesson from making the country's default a reality. The media kept focusing on its "sky is falling" narrative and the historical scope of America not paying its bills, when in reality, it should have been telling Americans that we're smiling at the world and telling them they're not getting paid. That our supremely secure guarantee, U.S. Treasury Bonds, are no longer as safe as we've said.

I don't care how much you hate President Obama: in the end, you don't mess with America's finances. And that's exactly what these people--symbolized by the allegedly super-smart junior senator from Texas, Rafael Ted Cruz--have gleefully done. Mr. Cruz's supporters seem to think this the true measure of "standing up for what you believe." Unfortunately, they are not asked the salient question: "Do you believe your bank should give you your CD and the interest owed when it's due?" Because that's what we told the entire world: "Don't trust us."

We've gone beyond farce. We have a Legislative Branch that cannot and will not govern the country responsibly, but we're all supposed to believe that these people are "fiscally responsible." This is a lie. Not only that, but it's a goddamned lie. I have been patiently waiting for any of these people, these radicalized destroyers of the American economy, to explain how shutting down their businesses for over two weeks actually saves them money. On Planet Earth, a business not open is a business losing money. It loses employees who cannot afford to wait it out. It loses the faith of your investors.

But of course, these men, like Cruz, Mike Lee, Steve King and others, they don't care about any of this. They think they have a point to make, and when you are dealing with religious fanatics, there is no reasoning with them. Not one of these people has been accountable for the estimated $24 billion it cost this country to be shut down. Not one of them accomplished a damn thing with this charade in Washington, D.C., which is supposed to be about them standing up for their principles. Unless of course, their overriding principle is to damage the country's finances and creditworthiness by advertising to the entire world that we cannot be trusted. The pathetic lie that this country has a spending problem doesn't seem to affect these men from jetting around the country, having paid staff and continuing to get their taxpayer-written paychecks and government healthcare. They lie and withhold facts from people into thinking we're careening out of control because it's the Executive Branch single-handedly running the place. And the worst part is the deliberate ignorance of their supporters who go along with all.

Our Republic really is in danger; we are in decline. The right-wing in this country cannot be trusted. Politicians like Cruz, Lee, King and their erstwhile opportunistic colleagues that belong to the "GOP establishment" are like the conspirators of ancient Rome. They are stabbing this country to death, but they keep pointing their finger at the statute of President Obama as they carry out their crime. Now, I don't care if you hate Obama more than you've ever hated anyone else in history: he does not have the power of the purse, he can't make laws on his own, and he can't create jobs by snapping his fingers. His enemies like to claim he's acting like a king or a dictator and wakes up each morning shredding the Constitution. Fine, go ahead and believe that. But when it comes to ruining this country from within by creating an atmosphere of pathological hatred, obstructionism, and threatening to destroy the economy of the world's greatest country **because** you hate him so much? You can go straight to hell.

These men with their small dicks and their Moon-sized egos are not heroes. They are not standing up for what they believe by ruining the economy and telling investors we won't pay our bills. They are weakening the rule of law with their jihad against the federal government, the one they are a part of and work for and benefit from when they make sleazy deals to enrich their own states. They are slashing at America's wrist and telling us all that it's for our own good. They perpetuate the lie of "out of control government" spending, but continue to put on their suits and ties collect a paycheck while producing NOTHING. And it's no mistake, of course, because its power, influence and control in their pockets. Expect that "mistake" to happen again and again.

The decline of this country is fairly apparent, and it's mostly reflected by the people we keep electing to Congress. They're driving this country from one phony crisis to the next, continually broadcasting to the world that we cannot be trusted. I cannot think of anything more fiscally irresponsible and goddamned contemptible than that.

And by self-proclaimed patriots, no less.